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Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Sewing/Art 'n Craft/Dollhouse Room ~ Little Butterfly Chandelier #2 (playing around with ideas)

well.........still not hung PROPERLY over the valance with the new hook-ski.........BUT,  ever the perpetual lazy girl, i'm  having fun playing around with ideas of what crystals and stuff to add....lololol......i forgot i had that pretty chain of  Turquoise and Clear glass beads and Crystal Hearts, SO PRETTY!.....

Already, i LOVE LOVE LOVE walking by that door now!.....and peeking in and seeing that adorable Pink 'n Pastel cuteness sparkling over the window.....funny how a small change like this can spark the energy back to keep going till i get this dang room done! that the chandelier's white, i still can't decide whether or not to get new mini-blinds in the same creamy tones like the ones there now from the previous owner's, or if a pure white would add a better backdrop..............anyways, ''tomorrow is another day'' ;0.....i do love how i can control the light source with the mini-blinds so at least THAT much has been decided, lol.......what genius said ''i love decorating, it's so much fun" ?....perhaps it was that naive girl who never had to make 4,000 decisions at once???.....lolololololol....butter pecan? chocochip mint? strawberry? coconut with chunks of choco chips and cashew??? NO PROBLEM!!....but WHITE?? CREAM?? BLUSH PINK?? OH MY!! little susie ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun......lololol...... this dang house is gonna do me in yet by god!..... lol.......sorry for so many dang photos! but honest to betsy, they all contain elements that are helping me to make decisions of what to do with ALL of my creative stuff that i will never part withhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;0

.....(don't get me started on my dollhouses i've yet to unpack) day i'm gonna get in here and actually CREATE sumpin'.............hahhehheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

This room i based on that GORGEOUS Lavender 'n Pink Girl Drinking a Parfait Painting my daughter Brianna did when she was 13 and the valance i made from the pink/cream striped fabric my mother gave me, and the roses comforter fabric dami's mother gave me years ago....(i did that blue charcoal portrait of Brianna on the left side when she was 14, so they sit up there as my little guardian angels art over the room to make me daughter and son are basically about 12,000,000 times more brave than i am when it comes to art and anything else in life ; put a bridal sequin'd applique on the head of her girl for a hat, and put it on that polk-a-dot fabric so it would set the mood for my sewing room of: ''Ice Cream~Patisserie Shoppe"..... so most posts 'n pix on all of that ''art wall'' i'm working on for that area of the room and more of our art later....blah blah blah)    lololololololol.....i had a cute arrangement up there, but i stole half the stuff off of it to make that pink sequined christmas tree last christmas, that i put on my ''work table'' in the middle of the room, liked it so much it's still there blocking up the work space! (own worst enemy yadda yadda yadda!) lololoololol......

 sweet dreams & wishes.......~ susie <3

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Sewing/Art 'n Craft/Dollhouse Room ~ Little Butterfly Chandelier #1 - Vintage Brass to White!

yayayayayaayyayay! eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! so excited! it spray painted white with Vaspar Outdoor Color - from Lowe's  .....looks so pretty & fresh!......(painted my Lil' Flower Cart white too, but proper post on that later, along with more of my Pink Zinnias & other fleurs i grow from seeds every year, lol) .. now i'm playing around with ideas for my Lil Butterfly Chandelier........gonna hang it over the valance on this Hook from Walmart's Gardening Center, was black, but now it's white too! ..yippeee, lol... far hung the Pastel colored iridescent stained-glass Butterflies on it, and discovered those pretty Aqua colored glass beaded chains with the Crystal Hearts on the ends sitting on my sewing machine that i'd TOTALLY forgot i owned....lolol.......sparkly really adds to the prettiness! so it needs some more obviously and i only have one Pink Puff, LOL.....but, it's coming that i have it up, i can FINALLY take down the previous owner's non-working mini-blinds and address that window!.....this house is taking me forever to move into!! lol........opps, back to the chandelier ;'s rather adorable so far,  not as french glamorous as i'd hoped, but i think it's really cute and indicative of my basic inner child soul who adores Pink Cupcakes and Adorable Bubblegum things in life....can't wait to figure it all out....LOVE LOVE LOVE the's the perfect whimsy touch for my creative space!! 

one of my Pink Zinnias.....i grow flowers from seeds every year, and some of them actually bloom, lol ... ~ susie <3