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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day Vignette ~

Valentine's Day Vignette

My Pretty n Pink Valentine's Day Flowers look so Fresh & Cheerful during the day, and Cozy & Romantic in evening candlelight.  Such a perfect joy evoking antidote during this freezing cold Winter weather we've had all week! ~~   I put them on my Fancy Girl corner table, teamed with our Vintage & 2nd-hand finds. 
He did so good picking those flowers out! He even surprised me by putting them in the beautiful crystal vase my mom gave to me one year.  My Treasure Huntin' Mama found that gorgeous vase during one of her infamous romps at our local thrift stores ... She was so happy that day "Ooooooo I have something REALLY BEAUTIFUL I FOUND for you today! Be careful when you unwrap it, it's really special!".  That's my beloved Mama, she was even more like a kid in a candy store than I am when she saw pretty things, lol....  <3

 Evening Candlelight.....

 I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Week full of Love & Joy ~ Susie <3

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