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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My New Faux Mantle/Fireplace ~ Nativity

Who doesn't adore salvaged vintage mantles from homes of bygone eras?  Being that we are mantle-less, and certainly not in a wonderful victorian or chateau of my dreams, , I've been trying to figure out a free wall in this house on which to place a faux mantle of some sort.   Dami called me one day from Lowes during the holidays,  and he had found this 4ft white shelf, complete with cute curvy brackets for $17!  So, this was one of my Christmas presents this year and we placed it on my only free wall over the tv.   Teamed along with my $10 Nativity Set he got me last year from Anna's Linen's,  some little gold filagree looking faux pine cones to frame out the edges and the shabby wreath I made last year, I am quite happy with our new little Faux Mantle area....

The funny thing is, that not only do I now have a true place to showcase my nativity set, but it really does cozy up the entire room.  Our att uverse cable has the best holiday fun channel during the season, and it's pretty hilarious how it really did feel like a fireplace when that channel was on! about flipping a switch!! part is that we're not that in to chopping wood in 30degree weather, corn husk collecting, smokin' up the place, or heating up the house just in one room, lolol...... and no chimney sweeping to be hired ;0

I love how you can see the mantle area reflected in the dressing table mirror when you're sitting on the couch watching tv.......another one of those "surprise decorating bonus i had not planned"....i love when that happens! lol.....

sparkly!......i leave our christmas decor up through january....and spend the month taking down more and more of the "tacky red stockings and santa clausy'' stuff till we end up with just our white lights and snowflakes for a few weeks....being that we live where it snows, it's pretty decor in teh wintertime....and usually it will snow by now, but we only had 1" so far, and it did not stick......(ya, santa's not tacky till january, is so relative)