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Monday, November 24, 2014

My Lil' Country Kitchen ~ Birthday Flowers

It's ma birthday, I'mma havin' ma

@@@~~Why, I love flowers so much...I musta been a bumble-bee in my former life :)

@@@~~Why you're so purdy, your "Chrysanthemum'' sure "Rose'' to the occasion birthin' the likes of "Lilly" ol'

@@@~~Hey there Petunia, ...hmmm I can't think of a Petunia joke, lol....

Ok, corny Birthday Jokes Hour is done....on with the show-y flowers......

Happy birthday ya' sweet cousin turned 99 today, can you believe that?  She and my beloved grandmommy were born 13 days apart, almost 100 yrs ago!  Of course my grandmommy passed in her 80's, but just thinking about the passing of time and my gosh, one of us in this family is currently 99 today!....

Thank you for the beautiful Birthday Fleurs ~ a happy colorful rainbow of, susie