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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Sewing/Art 'n Craft/Dollhouse Room ~ Chandelier color decision

Ok, I've FINALLY made a decision about the little chandelier I found at a second-hand shop last year.   I'm going to paint it white, and hang these pastel colored butterfly stain-glass ornaments on it, and hang it in the middle of the double window with the pink striped valance that it's now haphazardly dangling over, day i'm going to learn how to actually blog and figure out this stupid font, till then, my apologies, lolol.... ;)

That's right, a true hook's about to happen! ...I couldn't decide all this time if i wanted clear crystals, pink crystals, or what.......and once i FINALLY decided on these pastel butterflies, i then couldn't make up my mind if painting the chandelier white or pink would play them up after looking at them for a while on this ''egg tree'', which is white, i'm pretty sure white will coordinate with this arched shelf in this corner, and show up the butterflies best........being that this chandelier will be glowing from the light of the window, i will figure out later if i want to rewire it, till then, i snipped off the old wires from the '50', my now brass second-hand find is about to get hung and painted!! yay me....lolol.....I hope i love it when it's done and hope ever more i will post some pix of the finished project.......till then, here is the corner of my sewing/art/craft/dollhouse room i'm working on this week.....this room's taking forever, but i'm making some progress little by little on where to put all my dang creative supplies......lawd knows they seem to multiply overnight, i have absolutely NO IDEA who owns all this <3