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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Roses

 I promised Dawn from Shabby Chatue)
 I promised Dawn from Shabby Chatue that i would show her the bubble gum pink roses my sweetheart gave me for mother's day.......needless to say, i went into the bedroom to open the window for light and lo and behold there was the empty vintage replica stroller i'd bought a few weeks ago.....seems someone needed a pink rose adorable is that?   ya, not as adorable as your own babies, but mighty aweful close eh?  <3 <3 <3  what else is a mum supposed to do when they grow up?  : )
 well, ok, i'm a chocoholic and i could not wait to take even one photo before i had to eat a one of the gorgeous little dark chocolates which was shaped like a shell in all it's glory..calling my name was razzmatazaberry too! fav combo!....go son who sent me these with the lililies :)
One of my favorite knocknames for my daughter was "Powder Puff Cheeks"...soft as a, well...babies cheeks! lol.... nothing more delish than kissin those plump little baby cheeks.....Children are like a dandelion puff ball........soft, delicate, the sweetest flower in the garden......blow on them softly and their love will fill the world with hope as they go on their path as god intends for each of us.......dreams.....they are ours for the asking......and yours to hold to your heart until they come true......that, my fellow humans, is ''faith''......grace upon our souls is from our one god........anyways......more chit chat to
 this is what princess does while waiting for me to stop typing and pet her to a mother, she is loyal and steadfast.....always waiting for the babies to call that dang phone, would it keeel you to pick......oh wait........reverence on mother's day for my oh-so-perfect children;who only live to talk to mom 24/7 ;00-;)

 flowers cycle like a child........we wait, we water, we let them open and you've bloomed, get back in your cribs!! loololol....
 stop staring at me lady!!............. i love your face close up........sweet kisses dear "flower face" on mother's many names of love did we make up for our sweet children as we kissed their cheeks full of our grateful spirit that god brought such beauty into our hearts and souls....
 Lawd after all this typing and talkin i hope this post works: :) blooming, children growin........hearts a at play........

 New hutcharoozi.....and my mother's day fleuers........spoiled rotten i will dot that for a gal........bought those baskets for my sweetheart's underwear and sox.....of couse he's still got them all over the place but my flowers look swanky in them; ; )

Well, here goes the test to see if i can actually blog! seem hampered already trying to remember to capitalize and punctuate my typing after lazily skimming along with all small case in my usual social medai non-stop chatterboxing :).......

Happy Mother's Day to one and all......most know that my favorite color of all is pinks....soft, bubblegums, brights....soft and cheerful bubblegum pink is my fav shade........ok......i'm going to keep this one short to see if it even works..........

I hope you enjoy the humor of the poignancy of my roses in the baby carriage for an empty nester back little babies, stay in mama's crib forevah and evah........lololol.....or just forever in my most cherished memories and sweetest part of my heart and joy of life.......<3 <3 <3


  1. Please share your websites or etsy sites or facebooks pages or what have you...i was going to do a few of my favorite ones but i add them in your comments if you to you all, susie <3

  2. You did it!! See, NOTHING is impossible! I love the flowers and the way you displayed did an amazing job with your blog...yay YOU!! Your on your way to a calling...keep up the fab work!

    Hugs and smiles ~Dawn

  3. Awwww you are such a sweetheart Dawn...thank you so much for the encouragement.....many have tried to get me to start a blog, but i always chicken out becaause i can't figure out all the buttons and this far, gotta get that list to the right to turn into actually officially following them and words mean the world to turn dreams into life by sharing the visions into reality....thank you for posting your facebook page...course now i see my typos and stuff, and the real title was supposed to be "Mother's Day Roses & Lillies"' but clown show susie tested the first 3 words of it just to see if i could get it to post,and then forgot to edit the rest of the title into it!! you know me......start the clown music ;) love to you and thank you so much for positively pushing me to get 'er you, susie

  4. well, for someone that doesn't have it all figured out.....your doing great!! Keep up the good work, practice makes perfect...or darn near anyway.

  5. shannon, thank you so much, that is so sweet of you.....i don't know if ''blogspot'' will let you know that i am writing a response to you here on my wall, so i will now go over to your blog and thank you in person....lololol...

    who knows what that "#$39" stuff is in the middle of my blog....some little keyboard mice musta put that there, lol...

    alas i now run to catch up!! lololo....from one southern girl to the next, i know you get that notion! :)

  6. HI Susie!!!!!! I am so happy you wrote to me, YES, I remember you from RMS! Thanks for all the sweet things you said on my blog! I will find you on FB too and friend you there!!!! We even have an RMS group on Facebook!!!! Love your roses and the lillies! I just did 6 arrangements for a friend who wanted sweetheart roses. I even found ceramic containers with a sweetheart rose on them. Maybe I better take some pics before I deliver them, huh??? XO, Pinky

  7. Oh Pinky, I am so glad, you know this year, with closing, then all the just basic renovations on a 60's house....we closed, rented the moving van, took the week off, and i went to clean the shower in the new place so we could move in and shower and collapse, and there wasn't even enough pressure to bathe a flea!! had to cancel all plans for 3 weeks while plumber got it all replumbed into his schedule....etc etc etc!! this is why i've been MIA for a year!! LOL....finally figured out we're never gonna get moved in all the way, so may as well get back to blabbin on the web with all your sweet ladies!! lolol....

    yes, my son got me the lillies and my sweetheart got me the roses, my two best men right there know i love pink! so glad you're here! post pix of your arrangements, you know i'd love to see! love, susie

  8. Thanks so much for leaving the nice comment letting me know that you like my blog. Love seeing the dandelion and hearing how it reminds you of baby cheeks. I've never thought of that. Sweet kitty in the window too....what a pretty picture. Nothing better than seeing a cat sitting on a window sill. My Newman likes to be at the window sill but he does not look relaxed and content. He is on lookout for things to bark at.

  9. Bonjour Susie,
    SO glad you came by now I have found your beautiful blog. What lovely roses, and I loe how you diplayed them in the antiques baby carriage.
    Thank you for your sweet comments, and listening in last night. Jackie is one lovely lady, I was so happy when she called in.
    I'm a new follower and will be back again soon.
    Have a good weekend,

  10. Nita,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and becoming a follower! I guess because when my girl was young, she would stoop to pick up rocks and touch flowers and be all up in the grass and what was going on, so sweet and when i see dandelions, they remind me of little kids, and those adorable "Golden Books" so many of us grew up on...we used to have a little doggie who'd get in the window and bark at leaves as they fell in Fall, and blew across the yard with each wind gust, so i know how that goes with the little doggies! lol...princess is very docile until she sees birds or thinks she can get one of the squirrels.....funny how cats can be so asleep then suddenly alert like that and and i agree, cats on a window sill always make a house seem so cozy :) So glad to be a part of your blog too, i love your house and style, Susie :)

  11. Bonjour Mimi,
    I'm so thrilled to have you be a part of my blog world....and just perfect timing, you're a wonderful discovery for me, through wonderful connections from afar and i cherish that so you were saying in your interview, those roses were just meant to be there like it was all planned but yet , but yet, was actually just one of those wondeful happystance occurances, i know you love those too! Susie,:)

  12. Hi Susie! I am thrilled that you stopped by for a visit. You also have a beautiful blog. Your rose vignette is dreamy!

    I just wanted to let you know that phyllo and puffed pastry are not the same thing. Use puffed pastry for the breadsticks. They are usually be found in your grocer's refrigerator section.

    And just another little piece of advice, if you don't mind... put your follow button near the top of your page. It makes people find it easier. I almost thought you did not have a follow button.... but looked long enough to find it and to be your newest follower. I am excited to see all the beautiful things you are doing.

  13. Yvonne,
    Oh thank you sooooo much for saying to move my "follow button"!...i just figured out how to get rid of the "letter verification" thing last night, did not realize it was on, hopefully you were able to comement without having to "verify"....

    Thank you too for "following me" i adore your blog, chock-full of such wonderful ideas and beauty! and can't wait to see most posts...

    I"m so glad you like the roses, so very sweet of you to say, i really do love pink and love love love your pink peonie post! susie :)

  14. Hi Susie,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and adding such a sweet comment! Your flowers are beautiful and I love that baby carriage! Thanks for becoming a follower and I am now a follower of your blog too! Hope to visit with you soon!

  15. Hi Susie! Thanks for stopping by Ruffles-n-Raspberries and leaving a comment :) Gotta say, I just LOVE stargazer lillies.. they are far and few between these days trying to find some, but, they are def. one of my most favorite flowers! You're a lucky lady to have received some! Gorgeous!!

    Have a wonderful day today,

  16. Faye, i'm coming to write you over at your blog! lol....

  17. Sherri, i'm coming over to comment on your page , see you updated some hutch news, so be right there, lol...

  18. Hi Susie,
    I found your lovely blog through FB Victorianage. I must spend more time to review all those wonderful things:))
    Rengin, in Istanbul

  19. I am so happy to have had you find me. Yes I do remember you from Rate My Space...always so sweet! This blog stuff is hard on me as well...cannot figure out for the life of me on how to put a facebook like button on I understand completely. I've only been at this blog stuff for about 16 days and feel like a fish out of water. Yes facebook is much easier! Look me up on regular facebook if you are on there. We started a RMS site just for the nice ones....and it has been wonderful. So many wonderful friendships! My name will be under Melanie Stricker Hays. Again, I am so glad you found me! By the way...I'm your newest blog follower too! Hopefully we can talk on facebook. Thanks so much for stopping in!

  20. how coul be different...I'm on yr blog finally and discover the simple things through your is just magic