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Monday, December 10, 2012

Chrismas 2012 ~ Pink Candy Cane Tree ~ #1

 My Pink Candy Cane Tree.....Inspired by all the gorgeous candy trees out there, I came up with this one for my sewing/art/dollhouse room work's a sweet little round patio table in the center of my room that is so cute and practical, the best combo! (won't get ruined by paints, etc. while I make my artsy-crafty-creations it has projects, decorating magazines and the like all over it....but now it's spic-n-span (threw a lace panel over the mess, lololol heheheheeeee)....the base of the tree is a vintage lamp shade that I kept for the pretty bell shape, so I'm thrilled to have found at least a place to store it for now, lololol...
 The Pink lucite cupcake on the right,  was found at K-mart's Christmas Section last year for $1.  I wrapped a piece of vintage yellow lace edging around it to cute'n it up, and it holds my Christmas ornament hangers (which i keep out all year since i seem to constantly find uses for them!)......the clear container holds my sewing room is on it's way...I'm trying to decorate it in a ''shabby chic ice-cream shoppe-meets-french patisserie-meets-couture-meets-baby shop-meet-this southern girl who's sewed some stuff-meets-painted some things-meets-glued some junk-meets-dollhoused up the joint and gone-fishin" motif!!

I love pastels in ice-cream is my favorite color.....i have attempted to do my sewing/art room in shabby chic all white...i have clearly failed!! lololololol.......i think i'm too cheerful for all white, which i love, but i think it's too subdued for me in tone...i try to get there.....but cheery pinks and pretty hues just seem find their way in any room i for now, my all-white-big-girl-grown-up-soooooo-sophisticated-elegant-glamour-lady sewing room is still a dream, lol...... 

Welcome to Susie's pink cotton candy brain!....anyways.....there is a pink/green/white vintage crochet'd doily over the lampshade on the bottom....then i put the glass and it evolved from there..........did i get to cover it with lollipops and santy clauses?? apparently not yet! lol....and i think it's fine the way it is.......i was going to do more....but then i got tired and figured less is more ;0

can i go back to my small case ''i'' yet? this capitalizing things is exhausting!!!!!! ......who has time to do this and dream all day ??? lol.......that's one extra button to push and ya'll  know grammer by now, who am i to tell you how to talk when all i do is drawl???????? 

The whole "icecream shoppe'' idea came from my love of ice-cream and all sweets....(i worked at carvel as a teen) daughter painted that beautiful lavender icecream painting when she was 13, and my mother gave me that striped pink 'n cream vintage fabric and the little white vintage napkins that are under each end by the roses.....the roses fabric were pillow cases, given to me by dami's mom, so i combined our 2 moms and sewed their contributions into the perfect icecream shoppe valance.....insto-presto: Little Susie's Cottage Sweet Shop Icecream Land Sewing/Art/Dollhouse Room!......thanks women who love me! <3.....the wall paint is presently white, i bought the Behr's "pink feather" color of paint at Lowe's,  it's a GORGEOUS frenchy-looking pale blush hue....have i done it yet? ...uhmmm that answer would be ''nope''

But i did do this......lolol...and this was fun:

Breezy painted the icecream girl when she was 13 and i think it's quite splendid...(i put some wedding appliques on her head to make it look like an iridescent sequined cap which is not showing up in this photo, and mounted the entire thing on to some polka-dot fabric taped to a piece of cardboard)..this is why dami call's me "Susie McGyver''..........anyways....

i drew that blue charcoal of Breezy on the left of the ice-cream painting she did....we tried poitraits of each other one day in about 30 minutes and i thought mine looked just like her so i kept it......she however, dumped mine in the trash...why? because she was 14, heheheheeeeee.....brats! i have 2! that is bri, me and on the left on the sewing machine cabinet, is a little ble pitcher my great-grandmother painted in ceramics class in her 90' grandmother gave it to there is 5 generations of art right in that corner from the women of my family......all of whom taught me to sew and be creative, a legacy i have instilled in both my (brats) children sweet angels of mine...lolol
i love these colors...and i love i'm very happy with this lil' Pink Candy Cane Christmas Tree...i was going to add ornaments, but i think it's just fine with just the little pink bows dami found for me at a garage sale, i love pink bow surprises and sweet thoughtful men who encourage me to create & craft to my heart's content ....dear god, maybe he loves me....let me know tonight in my dreams...oh, dami also surprised me with that adorable little yellow pie on that wire stand in the back on the's a vintage sewing pin cushion holder, you open it up and the cushion holds your pins, i'll do a post on it sometime, it's adorable...ok, fine, so he does love i still have to make dinner, can't i blog instead? lol.... <3

Thank you for coming bye to see my lil' pink candy cane tree...i hope you enjoyed all the pix...~ susie <3


  1. Susie, it's darling and I always love to read your fun posts whether here or Facebook! Love you bunches!

    1. thank you debi! we do have such fun don't we? you too and thank you for stopping by in blogland, lol....susie <3 <3 <3