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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012 - Gingerbread Men & Little Red Farmhouse Table

 My son came in from playing hockey outside to get a drink one day when he was 12.....and i asked him if he'd draw me a picture of a chef making spaghetti..meaning ''when you get time'' but he just grabbed a pencil and drew that standing there at the kitchen counter!!.....then just went outside to play again like nothing happened!......his drawing ability was always incredible like that.......12 yrs old!.......he made the gingerbread ornaments that are hanging on the rod in elementary.....and he gave me the ''mother embroidery hoop'' for christmas when he was 6.............i made the big gingerbread men to go on our front porch posts one they are all together on my little red farmhouse table.......along with the vintage embroidered linen hanging on my oven......


  1. First visit to your blog and thanks for following mine. I have a gingerbread man obsession and I have consumed large amounts this past holiday season.

    Going to check out a few more posts.

    1. chatelaine, thank you for following my blog, and your note!... we love gingerbread men too, and this year we added the cutest little glittery gingerbread man to our radko ornament collection...oh don't you know it, it was cookie heaven around here this past month and i'm going to try to not repeat that, far, so good!....susie :)