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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Sweetness ~ My Lil' Blue Vintage Angel & Ornaments

This is my Lil' Blue Angel Ornament from my childhood, teamed with Dami's grandma's (mama nan's mother) 3 Lil' even more Vintage Christmas balls, and the Turquoise Gazing Ball that Breezy got me for Mother's Day last year......

my Lil' Blue Glittery Angel is, uhm.....WEEEEEEEeeeeeeeell over 50 yrs old now which is INCREDIBLY IRONIC...shhhhhhhhh.....'cause after all i'm only 19 :)....hehehheeeee, lol......anyways, so far,  like me, she's holding up! lolol.......AND, drumroll: she's the last one I have from back then.......(OMG put her in the vault and lock the door and throw away the keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, I've already petitioned the Louvre to put her in her rightful place behind the glass next to the Mona Lisa, but so far they refuse to answer my pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas ;0..........i grew up with Mommy's Mona Lisa over her couch.....the same Mommy who gave me this ornament from "Santa'' when i was like literally 2 or 3, or maybe even 1....I've had it foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevah......way before kindergarten, which is on my resume where you have to list in Crayola Big Crayons for Toddlers "Your Highest Education"..;0

Ya'll should know by now, if i'm not joking folksies..........i'm not NUTTING at all! lol......When i was still the cutest lil' angel in heaven, God told me "it's not a sin to joke susie, now go down and live your life on Earth, and make people smile with your sick sense of irreverence and joyful glee".....then he stuck one of those Chiquita Banana stickers on my forehead,  Saint Peter and Jesus high-fived me,  knowing i'd be back soon enough, (i think i heard them as i rode outta sight ''merry christmas to all, take your time susie, TOO soon enough for us, goodnight!!", hehhehehehheee, lololololol) and they sent me down the Star Glitter Galaxy ride to Earth & the Stork came and got me, and then my Mommy bought me this SWEET ANGEL !!! ~~~...isn't that the same story you told YOUR KIDS when THEY ASKED??? ....ya, thought so!!! lololol.....

My mommy nick-named me "Sweet Pea'' because to her,  my big mommy, i was so tiny as a little preemie baby in her arms....ROF, sorry but this is HER STORY, not mine, i'm just-a-innocently-recountin' it all, lolol......(insert Angel Halo over Little Susie's head for HER innocence in recounting mama's tale, lol )....I was 5lbs at birth, (and yes, i really do remember being in the hospital as as newborn and my older cousins coming in and seeing me).....and when i was a toddler, mama told me ''hold this 5lb bag of sugar, this is what you were to me as a baby, my little 5lb bag of sugar'' i'd go around the house and hold the bag of sugar in one of my doll baby blankets and say ''THIS IS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"....all chipper happy! like the loon you know i am!! loll.......lawd help us.....LOLOLOLOL   no wonder she enrolled me in 5 hours of nursery school the SECOND i was eligible ...lololololol........:)

When we were little, we each had our own little tree in our rooms, my little tree was the cutest little 2ft white table top tree, it had a white boxy base with glitter all over cute....i wish i still had that thing...knowing my mother, she does somewhere....lolololol.....anyways, my mother got me this REALLY PRETTY PINK  strand of those old fashioned glass beads garland for it, and every year as a tiny child I used to drape around it like a tiny child in Christmas glee..........hello?? i WAS a child in christmas glee! loloool.... (not to mention: yay moms who knew i loved pink!, lol)..........

"Santa'' would bring us a new ornament every year to put on it.........for some reason along the way,  when i grew up, I lost them all or left them in my room, maybe moms has them someplace, i don't know.......lololol.......but, I seemed to have only take this Angel and a Little Salmon Colored Glitter Snowman......but my precious little Salmon colored (HELLO?? FOR REAL??? SALMON?? hehehehehe, musta been a Florida Flamingo-Beach Shell hues inspired Snowman, lolololol)  long since bit the dust and I tossed him.......I KNOW!!! crazy of me!!....but when I was in my 20's, we still lived in Florida where I was born and raised, and I was not into shabby clutter at ALL.....TOO HOT FOR THAT DEAL TO ME BACK THEN, sentimenatal as I am, I still can't believe I didn't just save him in a box somewhere......he must have been REALLY REALLY shabby for me to toss......lololol.......

Anyways........these pix are among the most beautiful pix i've ever day i will figure out how to edit photos, then ALL my pix will be gorgeous.....LMAO..........ok......a girl can dream can't she??? lolol...

Seriously though, these pix really are pretty and make me dream about sweet times as a Child and Christmas Love from my mother and daughter and dami when he's not being a p.i.a. boy who wants me to watch his boring boy tv shows with him till i diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie, after all, can't i just stare at this Angel Vignette on my dressing table?  and you and the mutt watch your boring boy shows?? hehehehehheheheeee..... lololololololololol.......i still may be the only american who can not understand the concept of what "a first down'' even means, lolooooooool......

ANYHOOooo, BACK TO WHAT MATTERS IN LIFE, which we all know is CHRISTMAS ANGELS!! and SHABBYLICIOUS GIRL's with the turquoise gazing ball my daughter surprised me with for Mother's Day last year.........and Dami's Grandmother's 3 little Vintage Ball Ornaments, which his mom gave to him way back before the start of the world, lololol........i cherish these photos for it OBVIOUSLY never works when i try to be serious and do a ''big girl grown up lady post" !!!....lololololol.....anyways.........welcome to this adorable little Angel post...she really is so precious....and i really do cherish the items in these photos.......ok, so this is your Christmas Story from Lil' Susie for today Kiddies........hope you enjoy these pretty pix.........<3

ignoring me with the day i'll learn how to edit photos and get me outta that really pretty though......i love girlie sparkly glitter and glass stuff so makes my heart sing.......

sweet Lil Angel dreams ya'll.........I hope this helped transport you back to your childhood Christmas Wishes & Dreams of Lots-o-Love & Peace on Earth for each of God's little angels everywhere who's greatest Christmas wish are dreams of a better tomorrow for us to you and your's this holiday season ...........~ susie


  1. Absolutely stunning!! LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks so much for your visit and for all your kind words about my kitchen!!


    1. Deb.....i tried to respond the other day, and now it's not showing, so if you get 2 responses, you'll know why! lolo...thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comments mean so much to my heart this christmas, i always enjoy your christmas posts so much, they give such cheerful spirit to the season every year ~ susie <3