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Friday, December 6, 2013

Little Susie's Cottage ~ Christmas ~ My Lil' Pink Victorian Tree & Sweet Angel Ornament

time for some quiet elegance.....

my Lil' Pink Victorian Christmas Tree in our living room........specifically the beautiful Pink Angel ornament he surprised me with the year I had spied the most gorgeous Capodimonte vase with touches of lilac on it, in one of our dear friend's second-hand 'n vintage shop......(it was one of those moments when you spy something so gorgeous and perfect, and hear it sing out to your heart ''take me home woman, I'm meant to be your's!''.... lol.....I'll post photos of it after Christmas)

when he went to her shop to surprise me for Christmas with the vase, Deb surprised me too, and sent him home with a box full of assorted quaint & adorable vintage, and perhaps-not-so-vintage,  Christmas ornaments and decor she knew I would love........this Pink Angel was one of those special surprises she knew would look GORGEOUS on my Lil' Pink Victorian Tree....I love vintage ephemera art and valentines and all those sweet images of life so dear.........nothing like having a thoughtful man who actually pays such close attention to your Pink Decor needs, (lololololololololol) and dear friends and shop keepers like Deb in this world who know your heart so well......hope you enjoy these Pretty Pink Pix........<3

that gorgeous dressing table still has the original finish, I just painted some ''faux tortoise shell'' on the detailed carvings on the front and molding edge around the top, so that they would show up better against the darkly aged stain......then I added some gold tones on some parts of the legs to accentuate the pretty turnings and curves.........(better photo of that detail below)
this dressing table was a garage sale find we both spotted while driving along one day years ago, I could not contain myself, whipped my head backwards with out-stretched ''gimmee gimmee gimmee'' arms and wishing hands of delightful glee (loloool),  and exclaimed frantically like a kid in a eye-candy store:  "OMG did you see that???!!!!" ......and he shocked me by responding with equal enthusiasm: ''YES! do you want it?!?! I'll turn around if you do!".....I had no idea he even KNEW what pretty antiques even WERE till that very  moment!.....(heck, truth be told, I had no idea I'd even said that ''screaming gimmee gimmee gimmee glee'' OUT LOUD!! lolol),  we turned around, and the next thing I knew he was loading it in the car, and it was in our, love love this shabby old piece....I could own 4000 dressing tables and still want I guess I'll forgive him for that neon orange cord on the's not like we're using it for the tree lights...why in tarnation does he parks industrial looking boy junk next to my lovlies?? and why does he snore and how can HE sleep through his snoring, but i can't, and how does he and the male mutt harmonize their snoring so succinctly when i can't even dream perfect pink decor dreams?? Lol.... and how can he fall asleep with the remote in his hands and yet startle awake when i try to grab it to change channels to HGTV or my Bravo Housewife Shows, Lisa Vanderpump is about as pretty as one gets, I do love her homes and restaurants, and the way she does her flowers and all her decor that she creates, WAY much better than his snoring and documentaries on all his boy in last week's episode she said she was thinking of moving to France....take me woman!! hide me in the Chateau of my dreams by the seaaaaaaaaaaaa, lolool

sigh, suburban life in America has ALWAYS gotten in the way of My Pink Princess Castle Decor dreams, lol.......

I love how all ''Sugar Plum Fairy Nutcrackery" they look......lolol....."

sweet little pink angel.........she reminds me of vintage wonderful they surprised me with her that year ..........(insert gratitude icon, lolool)
 took this from my sofa vantage point......I never watch tv in December, I just laze on the sofa &  look over at this Christmas loveliness, lolol.......ever since I was a tiny child, my favorite part of Christmas is late at night, turning down the lights and reflecting upon the Blessings and Miracles of Life while gazing at the tree and having that wonderful calming spirit soothe your heart and soul...............I love how you can now spot that pretty shabby wreath I made that one year in the mirror from the couch, it's so pretty with the nativity underneath it and this view is so special to me how it all works in tandem with the tree lights .......putting that little shelf from Lowe's over the tv was THE BEST idea ever....

now we have a little faux ''fireplace mantel'' area in the room to help complete the ''Pink and Pretty Frenchy Fancy Lady" living room I have in my mind...........lolololololololololololol..........lawd knows where I'd be without my fantasy spin on just cherish how the lights of Christmas bring the sweet golden glow of love into the room.......just like God did for our lives that first year long ago when he sent his son so that we could know his devotion to our souls..............

this view is a new one for me......we FINALLY painted the living room (Antique White by Behr) this year in October (YAY US, lololol).....I even managed to stained the wood curtain rod, added finials,  and then hung my beautiful Kolh's gold French faux-silk drapery panels my daughter had originally bought for her home.....but when she tried them in her living room, they clashed with her stained wood trims, and it was not exactly what she wanted,  she knew I was doing a ''Pinks/Creams/Golds Shabby Frenchy" look in my living room, knew I'd love them, and generously showed up at my door with them in her arms for me to enjoy......NOTHING better than having a grown daughter who is so much like me, thoughtful, beautiful beyond compare, funny as all get out, ........heheheeeeeeeee.........ok, so a girl can dream can't she??? lol........believe you me, I ask god EVERY SINGLE DAY where these perfect offspring of mine came from!! lol..........Anyhooooooo, back to my story of how little ol' me got these gorgeous drapes!..............they are so GORGEOUS and really define exactly what I'd have picked out on my own......SUCH PERFECT DECOR SERENDIPITY!!........I teamed them with the $3 pink roses bed skirt I found at a garage sale one year, that i had long ago turned into valances up top there........we added new cream sheers,  and we're all set for the heart warming twinkling of Christmas lights.......

love and light to you and your's this holiday daughter is certainly my favorite Heaven sent "Little Pink Angel''...but this one on my tree is pretty special too....lololo...........~ susie <3

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